Brian in his fitness studio

Founding steps

Brian Cha started his career as a personal trainer in 1996 but struggled to breakthrough with limited success.


Collage of all Brian Cha's world records

Record-breaking ambitions

In a quest for self-excellence, Brian Cha achieved a remarkable feat by setting three sports world records, showcasing his dedication and exceptional athletic prowess.


Brian On Stage with Audience Hands Raised Together

A Beacon of expertise

Brian Cha’s record-breaking achievements captivated the world, sparking widespread demand for his insights and experiences in achieving unparalleled success.


Brian Early Filming

Digital Training Revolution

Marking a milestone, the first online training course by Brian Cha Motivation, “6 Steps to Actualize Your Dreams” was launched, achieving astounding success with 4 million copies sold.”


Brian On Dark Stage

Empowering Digital Entrepreneurship

Brian Cha embarked on a mission to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, offering guidance on developing online businesses and aiding in their digital transformation.


Brian Digital Stage Show

Redefining Business Coaching

Transforming the landscape of business coaching, Brian Cha raised awareness about the transformative power of digitalization, assisting over 40,000 clients worldwide in enhancing their business capabilities.


ISO Awarded to BCM

Expanding Global Support

The BCM headquarters marked a significant growth by expanding into new premises in Hong Kong, with the BCM business model and quality output earning the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.


Global Impact Program Logo

The Global Impact Program™

Introducing “The Global Impact” business coaching program, Brian Cha designed a groundbreaking approach to assist SMEs in thriving across various environments.”


BCM Franchise Logo

Elevating Global Business Standards

Achieving a new pinnacle, The Global Impact program gained recognition from The University of Sunderland Hong Kong. BCM launched the highly anticipated ‘BCM Franchise Partners Program’, aiming to acquire 500 franchisees in two years and empower 1 million SMEs globally.

Brian Cha Motivation (BCM) offers business solutions that help companies with digital transformation. Its business solutions are designed for corporations to serve as a comprehensive and actionable process to achieve prominent growth year after year.

Established in 2016, BCM has become the leading modern business strategy consulting company that is known to have helped thousands of small to medium sized organisations to overcome challenges faced in the new era of the digital business environment.