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Roy Tse



13 years of experience in the IT industry, I have a solid foundation in Apple hardware and software sales management across various industries in Southeast Asia markets. I have successfully partnered with major industry players, delivering exceptional results and driving revenue growth through tailored solutions.

I am a dynamic and innovative business development professional with a proven track record in achieving substantial revenue growth in highly competitive environments in Southeast Asia markets. With expertise in sales, marketing, and technical fields, I specialize in introducing effective sales strategies, marketing initiatives, and business development programs that optimize spend, elevate market share, and increase profitability.

As a personable and hands-on leader, I possess in-depth business acumen, strong analytical skills, and a talent for driving business development. I am dedicated to positioning businesses for scalability and success by aligning their operations, resources, and revenue streams with their unique business models.

Areas of expertise

Analysis Skills: I excel at assessing complex business challenges, identifying improvement opportunities, and developing data-driven strategies that optimize business performance.

Strategic Planning: I create comprehensive plans aligned with organizational goals, leveraging market analysis and internal capabilities to maximize growth opportunities and mitigate risks.

Business Development: I drive business development efforts by capitalizing on new opportunities, expanding market presence, and building strategic partnerships that drive revenue growth.

Sales Management: I am skilled in guiding teams toward exceeding targets through effective sales strategies, coaching, and fostering a results-oriented culture.

System/Process Improvements: I identify and implement enhancements that improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize overall effectiveness.

Innovative Leadership: I foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, and continuous improvement, inspiring teams to embrace change and drive innovation across all aspects of the business.

Training & Motivation: I am passionate about empowering teams through comprehensive training programs, ongoing support, and a positive work environment that enhances performance and engagement.

In summary, as a business consultant with extensive experience in the IT industry, I offer a comprehensive skill set and industry knowledge to help businesses thrive. With my analytical mindset, innovative approach, and leadership abilities, I provide valuable guidance, actionable recommendations, and measurable results. Let’s collaborate to unlock your business’s full potential and achieve sustainable growth and success.