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Leo Yip

Hong Kong


Hello, I am Mr. Leo Yip, a seasoned entrepreneur, experienced business consultant, and trainer.

I have over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, having founded and successfully grown a cross-border e-commerce company into a “Unicorn”. During my entrepreneurial journey, I accumulated a wealth of business management knowledge and practical experience. After successfully selling my company in 2018, I began to help over 200 small and medium-sized entrepreneurs solve various challenges they faced in their development.

I am passionate about continuous learning and am currently pursuing a doctorate in business, delving into the realm of new-generation Eastern management philosophies and business models. I believe that lifelong learning is the key to staying ahead in the competitive business landscape.

Driven by a desire to help others succeed, I have dedicated myself to providing valuable guidance and support to entrepreneurs through my consulting and training services. My goal is to leverage my knowledge and expertise to empower aspiring business leaders to reach their full potential.


My areas of expertise encompass a broad spectrum of business domains, including:

  • Strategic Planning: I excel in helping businesses establish clear strategic objectives and develop actionable implementation plans.
  • Operational Management: I specialize in enhancing operational efficiency and profitability through process optimization and resource allocation strategies.
  • Corporate Culture Building: I am skilled in fostering a healthy corporate culture that ignites employee creativity, motivation, and teamwork.
  • Brand Marketing: I possess expertise in crafting powerful brand identities and enhancing market competitiveness through effective marketing strategies.

Practical Experience

In 2021, I was invited to serve as a strategic consultant for a cross-border e-commerce company. The company’s growth was significantly impacted by the pandemic and it needed to adjust its strategic direction. I conducted in-depth discussions with the company’s founder to understand the company’s operations and development goals. Based on this understanding, I proposed new strategic recommendations that helped the company adjust its development direction. Under my recommendations, the company adjusted its marketing direction and invested more resources in technological development. As a result, the company achieved over 40 times growth during the pandemic.

My entrepreneurial journey has spanned across various critical phases, including:

  • Startup Phase: I spearheaded teams from the ground up, establishing the company’s foundation, developing core products, and assembling a cohesive workforce.
  • Growth Phase: I spearheaded innovative initiatives that fueled the company’s rapid expansion, propelling it to new heights in the industry.
  • Transformation Phase: I guided teams through market shifts and navigated the challenges of transformation.

Through these experiences, I have gained a deep understanding of the complexities and intricacies of business growth, enabling me to provide tailored solutions to entrepreneurs facing diverse challenges.


My core services encompass:

  • Business Consulting: I offer comprehensive consulting services to assist businesses with strategic planning, operational optimization, corporate culture development, and brand marketing strategies.
  • Business Training: I deliver engaging and insightful training sessions on various aspects of business management, encompassing marketing, sales and more.

I hope through my services, I can help businesses overcome obstacles, enhance their competitive edge, and achieve sustainable success.


I firmly believe that every entrepreneur possesses the potential to achieve remarkable success. With my knowledge, experience, and passion for helping others, I am committed to supporting aspiring business leaders in their endeavors to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. If you are seeking guidance and expertise to navigate the business landscape, I am here to assist you every step of the way.